Short Films

short films

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Written and directed by Rachael Baker-Donaldson, this Online Safety video was produced as a training tool for use in schools and aimed primarily at autistic children.

You can watch ONLINE SAFETY here.

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In August 2018, we at Feegle Films, in association with Jackrill Productions decided to set ourselves a challenge (akin to the 48 hour sci-fi challenge). Produce a 15 minute short film, from concept and script writing, through to final edit in 72 hours!

Lottery is the result of that challenge. There were a number of lessons learned from it, not least of which the benefits of a proper make up artist, but overall for the feel and heart of the piece, we are quite proud. Why not let us know what you think by dropping us a message?

You can watch LOTTERY here.



A man tries to take steps to end his suffering – but is there more than one way to skin a cat?

Made as a collaboration between Feegle Films and Juicy Falls, Directed by Rachael Baker-Donaldson and starring Neil Kelly and Stu Jackson.

Watch Dignity Here

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A daughter wants Dad to help learning lines… Or does she?

Starring Emma Hopkins and Stu Jackson

Watch THE SCRIPT here

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Monologue written by Alan Bennett as part of his ‘Talking Heads’ series. Performed here by Rachael Baker-Donaldson and Directed by Dean Ross.

Watch it here.

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Performed by up-and-coming young actor, Eve Midgley, this heart wrenching scene from Shakepeare’s The Tempest is a personal favourite of ours here at Feegle Towers.

Watch it here.


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