Episode 30 – Mariana Trench Strange Sounds (Western Pacific Biotwang)


In 2014, scientists first heard a unique alien-like sound coming from the depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Some have said that the complex structure of these sounds, their frequencies, and a distinct metallic edge, reminded them of ‘Star Wars’ sound effects. Could these sounds be eminating from Extra-Terrestrial bases, hidden deep beneath our oceans, or do they just speak to another aspect of how little we actually know about deep-sea life on our planet? Join Neil and Stu as they delve into the mysteries of the strange sounds, coming from the Mariana Trench!


The Strange and Mysterious awaits!


Produced by http://www.feeglefilms.com in association with Juicy Falls.

Theme tune – ‘Searching For Monsters’ by Darren Maffucci – http://searchingformonsters.bandcamp.com


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