Episode 35 – Mohenjo Daro (Ancient Atomic Weapons)


In the 1920’s, the discovery of an ancient city at Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan, gave evidence of a civilisation more than four thousand years old, to rival those known in Egypt and Mesopotamia. A number of Archeologists and Researchers including David Davenport have uncovered startling evidence of some kind of atomic war. But could it be that this ancient civilisation had the means to split the atom, or could it have been Otherwordly intervention? Join Neil & Stu as they explore the ancient city of Mahenjo Daro!


The Strange and Mysterious awaits!


Produced by http://www.feeglefilms.com in association with Juicy Falls.

Theme tune – ‘Searching For Monsters’ by Darren Maffucci – http://searchingformonsters.bandcamp.com


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