LIVE SPECIAL – Ep 50 – UAP Report to Congress

COMPETITION DETAILS: To enter, email us with your suggestions for the name of the ‘grey’ type alien in our artwork. The best one (as picked by Neil & Stu on the 26th July 2021) will win an exclusive Aliens Explored T-Shirt!  Enter as many times as you like. If more than one person offers the same name and that happens to win, the prize will go tyo the person who suggested it first. Email your suggestions to:


Friday, 25th June was the deadline set whereby (under the terms of the $2.3 Trillion Covid Relief Bill), a whole host of Government, Security & Intelligence, and Military agencies were required to declassify and make publicly availble, all the information they have on UFOs. That day has come. Could this be the day when all is finally revealed? Join Neil & Stu for their first Live Stream Special as they delve into the contents of the report.


The Strange and Mysterious awaits!


Produced by in association with Juicy Falls.

Theme tune – ‘Searching For Monsters’ by Darren Maffucci –


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