Ep 53 – The Thule Society


COMPETITION DETAILS: To enter, email us with your suggestions for the name of the ‘grey’ type alien in our artwork. The best one (as picked by Neil & Stu on the 26th July 2021) will win an exclusive Aliens Explored T-Shirt!  Enter as many times as you like. If more than one person offers the same name and that happens to win, the prize will go to the person who suggested it first. Email your suggestions to: AliensExplored@gmail.com
The winner will be announced on our next LIVE episode! Streaming on http://www.twitch.tv/stooge_action at 4pm UK time (10am Central) 31st July 2021, when we will celebrate our One Year Anniversary!
THIS EPISODE: The Thule Society sponsored the founding of the Nazi Party and many of its members went on to become prominent Nazis – including deputy Führer Rudolf Hess. But the group allegedly had a very strange set of beliefs. Many claim the Thule Society believed alien beings were living in underground caverns – right here on Earth. Join Neil & Stu, as they try to unearth the truth about the Thule Society.
The Strange and Mysterious awaits!
Produced by http://www.feeglefilms.com in association with Juicy Falls.
Theme tune – ‘Searching For Monsters’ by Darren Maffucci – http://searchingformonsters.bandcamp.com
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