SUMMER SPECIAL – Dinner At Lionlodge (Part 2): Bad Table Manners

We continue our break from the main Reign of Winter story with the second installment of our 3-part special. Your appetites have surely been whetted; it’s time for the main course! Join Dom, Amy, Neil, and Darren as they play through Dinner At Lionlodge, the second release from Paizo’s new Pathfinder One-Shot line of adventures – all designed for 2nd Edition.

Auldegrund Grimcarver has revealed his true colours, and our protagonists now find themselves in a (food)fight for their lives! Can they defeat the treacherous dwarf and his minions before they become dessert? Find out now…on Tales From The Twenty Side.

You can get a copy of the module for yourself here:

Tales From The Twenty Side is an actual play RPG podcast based on Paizo’s Pathfinder 2nd Edition, as played by a group of British actors.

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Produced by in association with Juicy Falls. Editing for this special by Dom Bray.

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