Feegle Films are proud to be very involved in two highly successful podcasts providing editing, production and publiocation services.

Aliens Explored is a podcast discussing the merits and validity of some of the most famous UFO encounters, as well as some of the more obscure. The strange and Mysterious awaits! New episodes every Friday at 4pm UK time.

Tales From The Twentyside is an actual play RPG podcast based on Paizo’s Pathfinder 2nd Edition, as played by a group of British Actors. New Episode every Saturday at Midnight UK time.

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Aliens Explored 48 – Was Close Encounters based on real events?

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-wuc3n-104fcfb In 1977, Stephen Spielberg finished work on his long-cherished Science-Fiction movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. UFOlogist J.Allen Hynek was employed as a Scientific Consultant on the movie, and the title was taken from his graded classification of close encounters with Extra-Terrestrials. The movie would go on to become a huge critical and […]


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